Homework-Week of 8/21

Homework for the week of 8-21

Please read for your child at least 15 minutes each night. Please check out an awesome reading program called just take 20

Monday: Please complete reading worksheet located in your child’s folder as well as math page 13-14.

Tuesday: Please complete reading worksheet located in your child’s folder as well as math page 19-20.

Wednesday: Please complete reading worksheet located in your child’s folder as well as math page 25-26.

Thursday: Please study for reading and math test.

Friday: Have a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to read!


What we are learning this week:

Sight Words: a, see, green, I

Amazing Words: furniture, unwind, middle, yawn, tidy, cozy, straw

Reading/Language Arts: This week we are reading the story Sam. We will be focusing on the letters m, s, t, and short a. We are also learning about nouns.

Math: This week we will be practicing addition and subtraction until 10.

Social Studies: This week we are learning about how to be a good citizen.

Science: This week we are learning about science safety rules.

Passport and Classroom Announcements:

  • On August 24th their will be Fall pictures. Students must be in full uniform.
  • Please return all Passport forms to the front office.
  • Clubs and tutoring start this week!
  • Please check out your child’s Friday folder. Please return it by Monday or Tuesday. Feel free to ask your child a question or praise them.
  • All first graders had an awesome first Week! I look forward to many more!

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Hello parents!


Welcome to Ms. Bermudez’s First Grade Website!

On this page you will find links to educational websites, pictures, a look around our classroom, upcoming Passport events, and so much more! 

Homework for the Week:

This week our homework is to turn in the about me bag and all paperwork due to the front office.

Other Homework Information

I will put homework for the week in your child’s folder on each day and is due the following day

I assign work for different days but if you would like to get it all done on Monday or another day during the week that is fine. If you need extra work for your child I would recommend you check out some of the educational websites. Some of the sites have apps available for tablets. 

Reading: Please read with your child for 15-30 minutes every day. This week we are doing our beginning of the year test.

Sight Words: Next week we will start our review unit. We will have 5 weekly sight words which students will be tested on.

Spelling: Spelling will not begin until our review unit is finished. Please check out our spelling words of the week on Spelling City.www.spellingcity.com/nbermudez     

Math: Math worksheets will be given to students daily. This week we are taking our beginning of the year assignments. 

Social Studies: We are learning about rules and procedures for 1st grade.

Science: We are learning about our class pets and safety rules.


Test: Tests will be on Fridays. If the day changes, I will inform you.

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