Homework-Week of 9-17

Homework for the week of 9-17

Please read for your child at least 15 minutes each night. Please check out an awesome reading program called just take 20.

Monday: Reading worksheet page 159-160, math worksheet page 83-84.

Tuesday: Reading worksheet page 165-166, math worksheet page 83-84.

Wednesday:Reading worksheet page 171-172, math worksheet page 89-90.

Thursday: Study for Reading, Spelling and Math test tomorrow.

Friday: Reading, Spelling and Math test today. Don’t forget to read this weekend!

What we are learning this week:

High Frequency Words: come, in, my, on, way

Spelling Words: can, dad, mad, at, cat, am, ran, back, bat, sack

Amazing Words: needs, responsibility, shelter, cuddle, tickle, faithful, fetch, heel

Reading: This week we will be reading School Day which is in Unit 1 Week 1 if you would like to find it online. We will be focusing on recognizing character and setting.

Language Arts: This week we will be focusing on writing simple sentences.

Math: This week we will be focusing on addition and subtraction facts to 20.

Social Studies: This week we will be focusing on our school, our community.

Science: This week we will learn about the Earth’s surface.

Passport and Classroom Announcements:

  • We will have a bake sale this Tuesday. Please send in less than $2 with your child.
  • Clubs will begin this week.
  • Art club is Tuesday from 3-3:30 and music is from 1:30-2:30. Your child should have signed up already to be in these clubs.
  • Please turn in Trip Around Latin America forms as soon as possible.
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